Just For You Senior Services

A Message From President Doug Hendrickson

Why I Am Continuing Just For You Senior Services.

Doug HendricksonFor the past several years my wife and I have lived at a large senior apartment community on Spokane's South Hill where she is the community manager. One of the biggest questions that her residents have is how can they find reliable and safe transportation that they can afford.

The National Center on Senior Transportation 2010 trends report states that of the seniors who no longer drive, 48.8% find it challenging to get to doctor/medical appointments, 28.3% find it very difficult to visit family or friends, and 32.5% have trouble getting transportation to entertainment/social events.

Seeing a definite need for additional transportation resources at a reasonable cost for seniors, as well as other personal services such as shopping for groceries and banking, etc., I bought Just for You Senior Services from Irven Just when he retired in December 2017. I look forward to continuing the business Irven started to help Seniors remain independent by providing reliable transportation.